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Cocktails to turn your Friday into FriYAY

Sometimes, by the time you reach Friday, you just need a night with good food, drinks and company.

The superstar staff at Biggles Bar are ready to help turn your Friday into FriYAY with all of your classic favourites from the newly launched cocktail menu! With cocktails from just $10, your happiness can last for waaaaaaaaay longer than an hour at this rockin' venue in Mascot, Sydney.


Long Island Iced Tea

The Long Island Iced Tea is the drink for when Friday has really hit you hard. Maybe you didn't get through all of your tasks at work, or you scratched your car door along the garage wall, or fingers crossed no bad news regarding beloved pets is involved...

With gin, tequila, vodka and cointreau + a splash of lemon juice, sugar syrup and cola, this bad boy is sure to lift your spirits.

Fruit Tingle

The sweetest sucker on the new cocktail menu, a Fruit Tingle is sure to dance along your tastebuds and in to your heart with it's pretty blue colour and vibrant flavours. Blue curarao is to blame for the bold colour, and add in some vodka, lemonade and a dash of raspberry cordial and you'll have a quirky cocktail that practically tastes like a lolly shop.


Do you like your sunrises overlooking the beach? Or with vodka/tequila?

Enjoy this simple cocktail with your choice of vodka or tequila, mixed with orange juice and grenadine. The perfect combination for creating that picture perfect sunrise blend!

Espresso Martini

The combination of two of the worlds finest things: coffee and alcohol. Need we say more?


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